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July 23, 2012
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sorry if perspective is a bit off xD
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Teach me the ways of art oh wise twinsink-sama~! :iconbowplz: because i am i artist in training. i have not received my artist black belt yet.

i was wondering if we could do an art trade again... *because i am bored and i need something to do. and have just finished sketching out another page of my doujin..but i need to do the inking...and when that is done i need a break from the manga and a chance to do some other types of art.* [making backrounds is hard!!! ;3;]

that is if you want to.
TwinsInk Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
of course for you i will xD
i shall teach you
step 1: hop on one foot while balancing a glass of water on your head
step:2 begin to do some kung fu fighting whilst listening to the song..kung fu fighting

what kinda art trade do you have in mind xD?
actually i was thinking we could do a double meme...such as this here.


if you want.

i have seen some pretty interesting results with this one here. lol
we would have to draw each thing seperatly and paste them into the meme. xD (unless thats alot of work... cause it sounds like a lot of work...but it looks pretty fun and i was looking for a freind to do this with. lol.) if not...then a regular art trade would be fine...

there are a few steps involved...

like first you draw your self. and i would do the same..
then we draw eachother,
then you draw what you like to draw the most.
then ... actually it lists them all on the link.

and there is a quick art trade involved. but i will post what i want for the art trade now...and if you dont want to do the meme itself...then we can just do the art trade part.

i was wondering if you could draw may and rena
sending cotton balls down a stream.. (and in case your wondering cause it sounds like a weird art trade. xD it represents in the anime higurashi The watatanagashi matsuri. (aka. the cotton drifting festival where you send cotton floating down the river to pray for the shrine god...oyashiro-sama.) kinda like this pic here only in diffrent poses and diffrent characters. and if you want you can add your chars in the backround to celabrate the festival.

LOL kung foo fighting~! *trys to balance a glass of water on my head and hops on one foot..and crashes into the wall* owww~!
TwinsInk Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
lol the meme seems fun : O do i just draw it all on one side and then send it to you and we both add it on to the meme? xD or do we do it all at the same time? i wanna do eet D:

tis not a weird art trade, maybe a little difficult. but i will get on it during the weekend since i got college T__T that way i can see where to place the characters and what not xD

>: o u didnt sing the song correctly! thats what happens SEE!!!
you know i wondered how that worked too. but i think what we can is this... do you have a photobucket..? because for now... what we can do is draw the pictures... and post them on photobucket...and then we send the pics through notes when they are all finished. (with the exception of the art trade one of course.. because that one i think i will just upload on DA. and then paste it on the meme when we get all the peices together. xD but anyways... when every thing is finished..we can paste them onto the meme...and see what we got. and then one of us...or both of us...or whoever...can upload that on Da. xD lol. (i say that way we can suprise eachother with the drawings all at once... it would also be more amusing to other people who see it...because then we wont spam our Da..with pics from the meme in advance..then its not as funny. LOl.

and thats ok..take your time. oh what would you like? and thank you.

;-; everybody was kung fu fighting~~~:iconnoteplz: <--- LOL! i was hoping for a music note when i typed this... not the DA messaging system note. .. ah well at least it wasnt the death note...that would mean death to every body who was kung fuu fighting. lol.
TwinsInk Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
O_O *gazes at big ass paragraph*

yeah i agree lets just put the final meme here and just show each other on photobucket like you said or something xD

>: o *kills the fake note!*
althoug i will warn you i draw pretty fast so id end up finishing the whole thing in one blow. but i can wait for you xD

art trade hmm, i kind of wanna see you draw the twins from higurashi (mion and shion) thats them right xD holding hands TwT please and thank you!
LOL sorry for the essay. :ashamed:
YAY~! mion and shion. :D

yay for the death of the fake note. :D

that works for me. lol
TwinsInk Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
we shall celebrate on this day forth, the death of the fake note!
*attends funeral* *giggles* *pokes ye during speech time*

cool, no problem i like reading >: o u know me!
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Graywolfy15 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
ok now put your paw up and say meow :3
the kawaii lvl is over 9000!!!! :iconexplosionplz: :iconmotherofplz:
puffy ears X3 makes anyone want to num them :icondroolplz: can i? :iconbegplz:
TwinsInk Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
more like ~nya
thank you, thank you xD

no nomming, they are un-nomable to humans! :iconvoodooplz:
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